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With experience in a large variety of reinforcements and processes, from fibreglass to carbon fibre, wet laminating to pre-preg, we have the ability to produce high quality products to our customers needs.


We are able to repair a large range of composite materials to a high quality, strong and presentable finish.

We have repaired many carbon fibre and fibreglass products, both structural and cosmetic.

CAD Design

We are able to provide our clients with 3D designs for their products and for the use of tooling components.

We are also equipped to provide 3D laser scanning for more complex geometries and rapid component design.


Whatever the needs of your project, we are able to produce prototypes and plugs via hand crafting or subtractive machining for high accuracy parts.

Formula 3 Front Wing

3D Scanned and CAD drawn


Repaired carbon fibre roof skin

Air Foil

Winglet for a front splitter

about our company

Sydney Composites is a newly formed company with many years of experience through its highly skilled staff.

We have a wide range of experience from marine craft to race cars. Members of our team have experience in building supermaxi yachts, submarines, formula cars and various FRP products. We work closely with our engineers to ensure that your products are as light as possible, without compromising structural integrity.

We are heavily involved with high-end race car aero components and work with some of the best aerodynamicists to produce parts to the highest quality. Wings, splitters and diffusers are able to be produced within the engineers specified maximum deflection and load bearing criteria, reducing the overall weight when comparred to alternate constructions.

Composite technology and manufacturing methods are constantly evolving and we are always updating our techniques and products to achieve the best possible result. We use multiple resin and reinforcement systems, each different according to the job and criteria. To achieve the best results, boundaries need to be pushed and that's where Sydney Composites stands out.

We are very passionate about our work and always ensure high quality products. Please contact us here or call us to discuss your project.

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